Woolen Hat Beanie in Nepal

Sharan Hats: Your Must-Have Winter Wardrobe

With the arrival of the Festive Dashain season comes winter. As we prepare to celebrate the victory of good over evil during this auspicious festival, we also need to gear up for the colder months ahead. At Sharan Hats, we offer you the perfect blend of tradition and practicality with our wide range of warm and stylish clothing options to keep you cozy throughout the winter season.

Prepare for Winter with Sharan Hats:

As Dashain celebrations bring people closer, the approaching winter months call for preparations to stay warm. Sharan Hats, a trusted name in providing quality winter wear, offers a diverse range of products to keep you comfortable, stylish, and cozy throughout the colder season.

Explore Sharan Hats’ Winter Collection:

Our collection of woolen hats not only keeps you snug but also adds a touch of Nepali craftsmanship to your winter wardrobe. Handcrafted with care, these hats are both practical and stylish.Woolen Hat Beanie in Nepal

Wrap yourself in warmth with our Poncho. Available in various designs and colors, they are perfect for both casual outings and occasions.

Our sweaters and cardigans blend traditional designs with modern comfort. Whether you’re celebrating Dashain or heading casually, you’ll find the perfect attire in our collection.

Cotton Ladies Hansy Trouser in Nepal

For those extra chilly days, our collection of padded jackets offers the ideal protection against the winter chill.

Polyester Silky Jacket in Nepal Polyester Silky Jacket in Nepal

If you’re looking to challenge this cold with various morning exercises and routines, let our Track Suit Set be your partner.

Why Choose Sharan Hats:

Quality Craftsmanship: Our products are made with precision and care, reflecting the rich heritage of Nepali craftsmanship.

Warmth and Style: We understand that staying warm doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Our collection combines both, ensuring you look and feel great.

Diverse Options: From woolen hats to cozy trousers, Sharan Hats provides a wide range of products to cater to your winter clothing needs.

Affordability: We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality winter wear. Our products are competitively priced to ensure accessibility without compromising on quality.

How to Get Your Sharan Hats Winter Wear:

Getting ready for Dashain and the impending winter season is as easy as a click away. Visit our website and explore our collection of warm clothing, and you’ll find something to suit your style and needs.

This Dashain, as you celebrate with your loved ones and immerse yourself in cultural rituals, remember to stay prepared for the winter ahead. Sharan Hats is your go-to destination for high-quality, warm, and stylish winter wear. With our products, you can step out confidently, whether you’re enjoying Dashain festivities or facing the chill of the upcoming season. Don’t just welcome Dashain, get ready for winter in style with Sharan Hats!

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Discover the Finest Handcrafted Garments and Accessories to Elevate Your Fashion Game

Whether you’re a tourist trying to travel in style or a native wanting to flex your tradition in merge with the pop fashion culture, we’ve got you covered. Sharan Hats offers an extensive array of beautifully hand-made garments that accommodate to your unique fashion sensibilities ranging from Crazy Hats for your heads to Fancy Trousers. We make various hand-made accessories like bags, hats, headbands for men, women and kids.

What is Sharan Hats?

Sharan Hats & Garment Export Industries is one of the leading garments exporting company of Nepal residing at Khusibu 17, Kathmandu. The Firm was established on 19th Shrawan, 2061 and started manufacturing and exporting its garment (Specifically Crazy Hat) products to various countries. With over 100 sewing machines for production, the firm employs 23 full time employees & 37 daily wages staffs to look after the quality control and packaging in the factory. The firm manufactures various kinds of clothes in numerous attractive designs.

Best Hand-made Garments and Accessories That You Should Own.

1.Elevate Your Style with Hand-Made Bags

Ditch the ordinary backpack and make a fashion statement with our handcrafted cotton bags from Sharan Hats. Crafted from the finest Cotton Gherry Fabric the bags are well designed and also has prints on its pockets. Available on various designs and patterns too.

2. Embrace Lightness with Waist Belt Bags

If you’re someone who likes to keep it light. Here’s something you might love.

Our Waist Belt Bags are the perfect companions. Designed to hold your essentials securely, these bags also feature the premium Cotton Gherry Fabric for durability and style.

3. Set Trend with Two-Tone Cotton Shorts

Elevate your hiking or casual outings with our two-tone heavy cotton shorts. Sharan Hats uses premium heavy cotton to ensure that these shorts provide the utmost comfort and style for your adventures. These are shorts to accompany you on your hikes or even if you just like to roam around in style.

4. Step Out in Style with Strappy Border Trousers

And if shorts aren’t your go-to fashion, we’ve got various option with these strappy border trousers. These cargo pants are specially hand-made from Nepali indigenous fabric.

5. Conquer the Cold with Nepali Patchwork Jackets

When Himalayan chills strike, but your fashion spirit remains undeterred, our Nepali-styled Patchwork Jackets come to your rescue. Crafted from cotton jersey and intricately razor-cut, these jackets help you from the breezy winds of the hills. Choose between acid-washed or unwashed options, complete with hand crochet detailing.

6. Experience Freedom with Handmade Ponchos

For those fully immersed in vacation mode, our handcrafted ponchos are a must-have. These hand-made ponchos are the best you can find. Available in a myriad of designs, you can select from Cotton Knitted Ponchos, Striped Ghery Cotton Ponchos, and Woolen Ponchos. Stay cozy protect yourself from cold breezes in style.

Sharan Hats brings you a world of handmade garments and accessories that effortlessly blend tradition with contemporary fashion. Elevate your wardrobe with our carefully crafted pieces and embark on a style journey like never before.