About us

Sharan Hats & Garment Export Industries is one of the leading garments exporting company of Nepal residing at Khusibu 17, Kathmandu. The Firm was established on 19th Shrawan, 2061 and started manufacturing and exporting its garment (Specifically Crazy Hat) products to various countries. With over 100 sewing machines for production, the firm employs 23 full time employees & 37 daily wages staffs to look after the quality control and packaging in the factory. The firm manufactures various kinds of clothes in numerous attractive designs.


To be Nepal's largest exporter in. textile industry in both terms of quality and quantity.


- Increase the demand for textile industry's products.
- To introduce Nepal's culture and tradition in World's platform.
- To increase foreign exchange transaction.


- Optimum utilisation of available resources.
- Increase employment opportunity in the country.
- Produce creative wearable that reflect Nepal's culture.
- Increase customer satisfaction through quality product.
- Increase the number of online transaction


People - Quality Product at reasonable price and better employment opportunity for locals.
Nation - Increased Revenue for national development
World - Transfer of Culture from Nepal to worldwide